A new kind of deal :) in English..

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Every once in a while I will write to you in English. Just to keep everyone updated with what´s going on 🙂 During my first months here on my “new place to be” I know there are some of you who wonders what the f… is going on 😉

The tour together with Maestro Robert Wells and his “Rhapsody in Rock Close Up Tour” ended a few weeks ago with the last gig in Halmstad, Sweden. It was such a blast to do a full tour together with friends and family of the Rhapsody project. We started up in Falkenberg in Sweden 18th of August and after 21 gigs around in wonderful Sweden we all ended up as I said in Halmstad with the last gig 25th of September. Great fun, most of the gigs was together with LaGaylia Frasier who´s an old friend. She´s been a pro now in Sweden for more then 10 years, originally from Florida.

When Gayl could not make one of the gigs, then Robert got another very cool singer from the same lovely Florida, Natasha and she did a very cool job too. We had even an extra night at the rock boat “Patricia” down town Stockholm together with her brilliant harmonica friend Randy Singer. Great night and a great party as always 🙂 During this tour I have taken my trips back home to Finland when I can, but I even had the great pleasure of getting my ever first trip to Scottsdale, Arizona (USA) in the middle of our Swedish tour. To be on a trip with such a treat, first class and “what ever you can imagine included” is a trip that will stay in my heart for a VERY VERY LONG TIME!! Even during “Idols Live Tour” earlier this year I had a fantastic spin off trip to do TV in China together with Maestro 🙂 But this trip to the US was something that came to me directly and it was really cool!!!

Now I have been at home a few days, after a short “GET OVER HERE” stay-over in Sundsvall, Sweden to make some magic together  with my dear old friend Jimmy Westerlund and his new blood-brother Mr Lee. I arrived wednesday with a BANG and worked like crazy together with them and we nailed the song all the way down to my friday morning train departure time with minutes to “take off time” running like an idiot to catch it, but it was worth every second of it all!!

Now I am working on new lyrics for a upcoming show in Vasa in Finland this weekend. I have the honor of being a part of one of the Finnish presidential candidates election kick off parties. So I will go there and entertain together with good old friends to make a party or two 😉 During the weekend I will even take a spin off to a studio to finnish off what we started together with Jimmy in Sundsvall, this time in a cabin way off deep into the forest south of Vasa.

I have been working on a TV project idea for quite a while now and during this summer we filmed the “pilot” together with close friends. It is time to make it happen so I am working on the presentation of this now during the next few days and weeks. It is GREAT NEWS that everyone I have contacted about this project have said YES..  Even so the companies that I want to make the presentation to.

We start the Christmas Show in Malmö in less then one month now together with Fredrik Kempe and Ulrica Skoglund, I just got more dates and info about this. But it is still not confirmed so I will get back to you a bit later so you can check that out to 🙂 But before that I have a gig in Oslo during the CUP FINALE together with my dear son Peter and our friend Tico at Scotsman Pub down town Oslo 🙂 I will of course have my seat at the finale watching my team Aafk as they go into the second cup-finale in two years. In 2009 we became THE NORWEGIAN CUP CHAMPIONS 🙂 I hope to come back to you with GOOD NEWS even this year 😉 Brann from Bergen is a very good team and the team to beat to get back up there on the number ONE spot on the podium.

This was just a short check in, as I said.. I will do this every once in a while to keep you out there more “in” 🙂

Lots of LOVE and RESPECT!!


8 responses to “A new kind of deal :) in English..

  • Cathy

    Dear Geir,

    Nice to read about all good things you have been doing 🙂 It’ s a lot…

    Love and hugs



  • Reija Kontio

    Hello Geir my fried 😀
    Yippii … I hope that everything goes according to the plan and I finaly
    get two of my wishes to come true 😀
    I really wish to see and hear you and Peter here in Oslo and if you two
    are in the stage together …
    thats like having the Chrismas early this year 😉
    Best of luck to the other plans as well.
    Greatest hug from Oslo 😀
    Hope to see you soon,


  • Angel Eye

    I will be in Vasa too this weekend but doubt we’ll have time to see each other this time. I’ve got a couple of parties to go to myself (family stuff) and it does look like you will be quite a BUSY man 😀

    Looking forward SOOOO much to finding out what your TV project is all about. Yes is a good word in this case, hold that thought 🙂

    Have a grrrrreat party weekend, talk to you later. Hugzzzzzz from TCOL 🙂


    • Geir Rönning

      Yihaaa dear Angel Eye 🙂

      Vasa was GREAT fun as always! I had the very cool luck to run into a lot of friends from all around at the same time in two days. I will tell you more about this later ;=)

      Rock on..



  • Monica

    …coffee break at work… a perfect time to practise some english… haha 🙂

    Geir… what can I say 🙂 WOW!!! It’s so many great things you’ve been doing this last year… and I’m sure you’re gonna be a VEEEERY busy man months ahead doing more great things 🙂 Just don’t forget to take it easy now and then… but I think you’re pretty good at that 😉

    Good luck with lyrics & “kick off parties” this weekend!
    Love… (or better “TJÄRLEK” 🙂 )



    • Geir Rönning

      Hey there Monica 🙂

      Yes, this year have been FANTASTIC!! And I have a feeling that we may top it all in the next few months too :O)

      But right now I can kick back and just smile thinking about the good stuff that we already did this year.

      All the best..



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