I rest my face..


Good morning my dear friends 🙂

Like I have said before. Every once in a while I will keep up the information here even for you who don’t speak swedish cause i know I have a lot of “hits” from around the world here. It might be so that you who read my news still speak and understand swedish even if your from countries like India, USA, Australia, southern and eastern Europe. But to be sure, a short notice in english every now and then 🙂

Crazy times are crazy times, my schedule lately could put an heart attack on the toughest dude but so far i have managed to keep up the paste. The flow we have now with songwriting with different friends around the world is very good! The last few weeks I have had the pleasure of working with Robert Wells, Douglas Carr and Stefan Bagge. Stefan is Anders Bagges brother and a very cool dude to!

I got mail from my friends in Los Angeles and they will get the song ready to put vocals on pretty soon. Paich wrote that he will get into the studio and put the final magic so we can do our part over here. Andreas Carlsson and I will get together and do that as soon as we can. Speaking of Andreas, the KING is having his birthday today so CHEERS BROTHER TO YOU!!

Now I am on my way to Norway, sitting here in the SAS lounge in Helsinki. The day could have started better, my flight to Oslo is cancelled but due to my GOLDEN DEAL with Eurobonus I am rescheduled to another flight so I will arrive in time anyway 🙂 I pray to GOD that it will be ok, cause we travel with the band this time, flights, trains, busses.. There is a LOT of things that HAVE to be in its place to kick this Easter tour in the right spot!! Please keep your fingers crossed!!

To leave my dear family to do another session is something we all get use to. But it breaks my heart every time to sneak out the door when they are sleeping. It is not fair to them to wake them up, but I am close to doing that every time I leave. That last kiss is veeeery looooong and I struggle to leave them again. We had a GREAT time together in the last weekend of skiing (Olivers ski school) and even William is doing his kind of magic there 🙂

With this I wish you all a fantastic Easter, and I rest my face.. Do to “the net” in Norway up in the mountains I guess that the nest time you hear from me is when I am safe back home 🙂 Yihaaa.. to YOU ALL 😉

Lots of Love and respect!!


5 responses to “I rest my face..

  • Geir Rönning

    Well, this could have started better like I said. First my flight got cancelled and when we arrived in Oslo my guitar did not show up, but they say they will send it here tonight before the gig 🙂

    Rock on..



    • Monica

      …it can only get better my friend 😀

      Hoppas din gitarr kom fram i rätt tid…



      • Geir Rönning

        Hello Monica,

        a late reply from me here, but yes.. Finnair who managed to “loos my darling” in ONE FLIGHT ONLY.. Had to send it up to me with a special delivery by car. It is a aprox 3.5 hour drive from the airport one way, but they did it so I got it in time 1.5 hour before the gig. Not bad after all 🙂




  • Cathy

    Önskar dig en glad och underbar påsk.


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