Only me and me alone…


Hey there, I am back now in Finland but only for one day..

After the Queen show I where supposed to go straight on vacation but you know me 😉 I had a fast lain trip to Stockholm and did a session job for radio thing coming..

But then the BIG DAY we all been waiting for came and we got our trip to Bahia Feliz together with some close friends and it was a trip WELL NEEDED BIG TIME!! We got kids in the same age so the kids got time together with close friends them to so this was perfect!!

The stay at our hotel at Playa Feliz was really good, perfect with things to do both for the younger kids and the bigger one (me 😉 ) But on our last day it was really to much even for me. While we where sitting at our friends balcony eating “sillis” sometimes between 14-16 local time someone had the nerve to get into our apartment and they stole my computer.

We where sitting there with friends and family (they had the apartment next door) and someone just went in to our bedroom and stole it! The local police said they probably have a key to the area so it was NOT a good night sleep the last night but we got safe back home all together.. Seems like a never ending story with this computer and it really got the best of me so I give up now!! Will NOT buy another one!!

I have back-up on ca 85 % of my work so the damage is not TO BAD but it hurts like CRAZY.. NOT because of the stolen computer, but because of the raped privacy… I finally want to say that the local people on the hotel and even Finnmatkat/Fritidsresor did a very professional job and all honor to them.

Today is my first day back home in a long time, I just got back from another trip. Work is on my table and I have to fight my way down into it cause tomorrow I leave again. So I will keep the story a bit shorter this time and update you on the other trips later.. I just hope that my lucky star comes back to shine on me, and I feel that it is on it´s way. I felt VERY much in the darkness there for a while being “Only me and me alone”.. But the trip I just came back from got “better and better” back into me again, so the smile is on it´s way and so am I 🙂 But that´s another story 🙂

Love, peace and understanding 😉


5 responses to “Only me and me alone…

  • Reija Kontio

    Hei Geir vennen min 🙂
    Man kan vel si at Gratulerer med dagen … og vel overstått med den samme?
    Og man må jo skrive det på Norsk i alle fall den 17.Mai 🙂
    But of course it is polite to communicate in the same language 😉
    So sorry to read about your misfortune …
    Violation of the privacy is a crime not taking seriosly enough,
    lost sense of security it’s hard to get back …
    and that is a big problem in today’s world.
    Hopefully it was only a small hump on your way and you keep on going forward with full speed 🙂
    I wish for you a lucky star 🙂
    Best of luck my friend and sunny hug from Oslo,


    • Geir Rönning

      Hei Reija,

      ja du vennen, jeg har hatt så mye uflaks med data maskiner etc så jeg ligger veldig mye etter skema med mine svar nå 🙂
      Så du kan godt si gratulerer med vel overstått 🙂

      We are all fine, and that is the most important thing after a shitty scandal like this!!
      But we know where the smile and the sunshine comes from, so we ree started that part of us instead 🙂

      Big hug!!



  • Monica

    Geir… I send you a shining, lucky star “XL-size” and hope it arrives in time before you’re leaving home again 😀 Nice to hear that you had a fun and relaxing holiday with family and friends… but not so fun with the stolen computer… why is simple thiefs hiding everywhere 😦

    Take good care now… dont work to much my friend 😉
    Love to you…



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