In my side of the corner..


Hey there, another check in from my favorite place on earth.. 🙂 

Its been a stressful but very cool journey for me this time. I went down to wonderful Malmö and got my dear friend Robert Wells together with me on my first gig thursday last week. To be just two on stage like this is very “naked” and its the most honest way of performing music. Just two voices and a piano. And when it is with Maestro Wells on the keys it is another universe! I will never forget this gig, WOW!! Friday we had our friends in Wells trio together with us Roine on drums and Lasse on bas. Great ROCK!! Then on saturday we got the full band and even the great Vocaletts, GREAT FUN AS ALWAYS!!

Sunday I went to Örebro and to a new friend of mine the very talented songwriter and producer Joacim Dubbelman. Him and his family where kind to let me stay at their house and we kept on working on the song we wrote together in Spain.

Monday I went to my brother Douglas Carr and we kept on working on our songs. He is such an amazing songwriter and a true twin soul, we have so much fun together. Maestro Wells came and joined us thusday and wednesday. We have something very special coming up my dear friends. We both write to others but even a thing or two we might perform as it is..

I woke up today in my favorite hotel as I have told you many times. I slept really well so I actually missed out on breakfast and THAT is very seldom. But beautiful “Söder” here in Stockholm is a fantastic place so I just went to my favorite corner and picked up a thing or two 🙂

Now I´m just lazy in bed and with a BIG SMILE on my face!! I feel so lucky to have these wonderful and GREAT friends to share my favorite music together with and at the same time I am living the dream!! When I am done writing to you here I am off to another day in paradise, this time in a studio here in town together with Erik Wigelius, Linda Dale and Simon Lindholm. We will finnish off the songs we wrote together in Spain so this is another very exciting day..

Tomorrow I am on my way back home, to the ones I miss most of all!! It will be a weekend off with some time to reload the engine and relax with my dear family.. But monday morning I am on my way back here, to record together with Douglas Carr, Andreas Carlsson and Robert Wells!! Hell yeah, I AM LIVING THE DREAM 🙂

I wish you all a fantastic weekend!!


Lots of LOVE and RESPECT!!


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