The honor of being a friend..

What a GREAT road trip 😉

Hey there, and a BIG FAT YIHAA straight to your heart 🙂

There are every once in a while trouble in paradise, and the most important thing to do is of course to find a way out of the pain 🙂 NOT painkillers, but in a smooth way rethink and find options that kills the shadows so you can dive back into sunshine 🙂

We had a FANTASTIC trip together my “partner in crime” Dennis Rönngård and me when we went down to Smögen (Havsvallen) to see Toto in concert last weekend. With just a couple of hours sleep after our gig in Finland it was time to “kick in” and start our “road-trip” of fun 🙂 We did not know then that we would hit jackpot already at Arlanda airport!

We went to the gate there and I had to start laughing, the Toto guys where waiting for the same flight 🙂 When I was out in Los Angeles and wrote together with David Paich and Andreas Carlsson Dave asked us to come to the gig they had in Stockholm (Skansen) but as I said already then I could not make it. Dave told me that Andreas did not make it ether but he put Dave and Nathan East (a number one world act bas player working with Toto now) together with Dirty Loops who Andreas now is managing and producing/co writing together with. Dave said it is really something else.. “Crazy good” 🙂 I am looking forward to hear what they come up with now pretty soon 🙂

When we went into the aircraft then I had to ask Dave if he is following me in anyway.. We where sitting in the same row 🙂 What a weird coincident, ha ha. But we got another hour together planning a few things so that was really GREAT!! When we arrived in Göteborg Dennis and I got the rental car and headed into downtown to our hotel. I have to say that this Clarion Hotel Post is something REALLY DIFFERENT!! Totally cool and GREAT service day and night..

When we got out to Smögen and the venue, we went to the VIP section to get our tickets, but Dave forgot.. Ha ha.. But I know how these things work, so with a little patience and a nice smile I asked them to get in contact with the management and that “someone is waiting out there” 🙂 In less then 15 minutes Sören who have been working together with Toto on every Swedish tour came out and said “I had a feeling it could be you” 🙂 We got our passes and got “the royal treat”..

To me it was very special to see Steve Porcaro in action again and of course to have a chance to talk to 🙂 I have been recording together with him on some of his demos in the early 90´s and I even took care of him in Sweden when he was a part of “Jay Graydon all star” back in the days!! Very nice to catch up again and now we both want to keep in touch so a new trip to L.A. is absolutely coming up next year.

To hear original Toto songs with the brilliant voice of Joseph Williams and even the fantastic songs of Steve Porcaro such as “Lea” and many more was nothing but mind blowing.. Like I told David after the show, it is fantastic for us “true believers” of Toto to have even another side of it now when the guys came back on top of the MAGIC that Paich and Luke have been throwing our way all the time since the first time I heard Toto early 80´s.. My music planet have never been the same after that 🙂

Dennis and I ended up on another crazy “road trip” pretty late in Göteborg that night after saying bye to my brothers and they headed on to Denmark for another show. Speaking of Göteborg, I am really looking forward to meet my brother Sayit and Crazy Laine when we get together in Stockholm 24th of August. I do a tribute show at Fasching “A tribute to West Coast” together with many really talented and fantastic singers and “players” 🙂 Very very cool, and a blessing to all of us fans of the true music 🙂 Sören Sko from Denmark, Ole Börud from Norway, Anders Von Hofsten and Elias Ringquist from Sweden among many others!! Check it out and come if you can..

And on top of that my dear friends, I will have the honor of being a guest together with my crazy “homies” Sayit and Laine when they do have their “Legends” concert together with the legendary voices of Bill Champlin (Chicago), Fergie Fredriksen (Toto) and Steve Augeri (Journey).. It will be another freaking crazy night my brothers and sisters.. Don´t miss out!! That show will start later on so we will be able to check out my friends (and me, ha ha) at Fasching first, then we all head on down to Kägelbanan, Södra Teatern to have some ROCKING GOOD TIMES to make the best night EVER 🙂 This is some info about Legends..

A very cool month will end with first another road trip together with Maestro Robert Wells 25th of August. This time I will bring The Rock Queen of Finland with me “Krista” 🙂 On top of that I will be in the studio with my brothers Douglas Carr and Maestro Wells, so life is pretty good my friends 😉 And I have The honor of being a friend.. Witch is the best door opener in the universe!!!

Lots of Love…


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