Back on my feet again!!

Hey there!! I was kind of hoping to be able to stand tall this fall and brag about my good health!!

Some of you may know that I am a mad man when it comes to exercise and work out! I just live, breath and LOVE it!!

It was all good up until the day I left to my hometown Aalesund in Norway. I guess I had it coming, our kids back home all had a touch of it more or less the weeks before..

But when we arrived in Aalesund there where no time to chill.. So many great friends and cool things to see. We spent our first evening in town at XL who got the best fishplates (baccalau) that I know of! My dear sons Stefan & Peter joined us and we had a fantastic night together 🙂

Dennis and Tobias had never been to my hometown before and we where very lucky with the sun beating down at us all weekend! What a great memory!

My one and only manager and life time friend Alf gave us another memory for life when he and “his girls” from work spent Friday together with us from early afternoon till after midnight! Yihaa 🙂

Shit happens they say, every once in a while.. The last part of our weekend could have been better, some idiot turned the club into his personal vendetta and it all ended in blue lights and stupidity with some of my old friends ending up in trouble! Good to know now that he will be back on his feet again, it did not look to good there for a while!

Tobias flight went to Oslo and then back to Stockholm, and Dennis and I went to Copenhagen first and then back home to Helsinki. First we had a lot if fun in Denmark, then we where invited up in first class on our Blue1 flight so the smile on our faces where back to normal by the time we arrived back home 🙂

I know that some of you might claim that it was because of all the fun that I had to stay in bed for an extra week after getting back home but no no no!!

Well, no matter what the devil might say about it, now I am finally back on my feet again!!! And it feels GREAT!!

Take care out there..

Lots of love and respect!!



2 responses to “Back on my feet again!!

  • Monica

    I’m glad to hear that you had a great weekend in Ålesund together with your sons and old friends… and even the sun was there 🙂 Perfect weekend!

    Good that you are feeling well again… but take it easy with your training… at least for a few days 😉

    Cool picture of your sons… guess it’s Oliver under that scary mask 🙂

    Now it’s late and time for bed…
    Good night & sweet dreams my friend 🙂


  • Reija Kontio

    Hello Geir my friend 🙂
    sorry to hear that you been ill .. I have been away for a while.
    But I am so happy to hear that you feel well again 🙂
    The autumn is the time for all kind of viruses ..
    and even the fittest ones can catch them 😉
    Wish you all the best,and stay healthy.
    Great hug from Oslo,


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