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Soon brothers and sisters.. Soon!!

Time to ROCK!

Time to ROCK!

Now Yihaa right at the start, and I mean that! Every once in a while we get the chance to taste the best parts in life, without even knowing what is going on 🙂 I am in the path of something really good, and it gives me the right to send out a warning signal just to make sure you know THAT YOU BETTER BE THERE!!


This spring has been pretty good to me and my family, the allergies and those problem is still bugging us like crazy but somehow it is a part of life so it is what it is :/


We had a fantastic week together with my dear friend Alf and his lovely family when we where in Denmark together. I am not so good in slowing down, but this holiday was more then welcome.


I went to Stockholm after that and to a combined week with pleasure and work. To see my son Chris come out from school after getting his papers and finishing what we call “studenten” is a dear memory I will carry with me through life! And to have the time on the same journey to write music together with my partners in crime Douglas Carr and Robert Wells is a double trouble kick I wont forget! Jesus what a GREAT TRIP!


After a weekend back home it was time to get up to Vasa to my dear brothers Dennis Rönngård and Jimmy Westerlund! We checked out the songs we´re going to do when we are opening act for Toto in Jakobstad 5th of July! Jimmy IS THE MAAAAN! Like i´ve said many times before, every time we go into a studio together MAGIC HAPPENS!! We just checked out what to do but ended up doing a demo of one of the songs I have written together with Maestro David Paich and it ended up CRAZY GOOOOD! I just emailed a version to Dave and I really hope he digg it as much as I do!! We will perform this song at the concert 🙂


Now I am sitting in the flight on my way to Norway and Oslo. First a short break there, then up to my hometown Ålesund for the weekend. Next week I will spend in Oslo before heading back home to Finland again. Two days at home then off to Vasa and Jakobstad doing our magical week together with my favourite band in the WORLD!! Yihaa!!


I hope you will get a fantastic midsummer, and I hope we´ll see each other during this summer somewhere 😉  


Be safe and take care out there! Lots of Love..