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Well F… You VERY MUCH!!



Hey there!!

To be in the hands of someone else can be the PERFECT trip to heaven, and many times the BEST feeling is to step-dance out in the danger Zone! You never know when you jump into something you DON`T KNOW it is out of control but I LOVE IT!!  I am the first man in line to admit it! It is what it is and thats the way I am and I cant help it :/ I just LOVE the feeling of “CRAZY´NESS”!!

The summer came and it´s been one of the best summers in life, ever ever EVER I think! The combination between time off and GREAT WORK have been like a joyride and I am so excited that it all turned out the way it did! During spring I had a feeling that the summer “NEVER WILL COME” while I was waiting with my heart pumping like crazy!

Fantastic songwriting sessions together with my brothers Douglas Carr and Robert Wells have kept my head over the water level in excitement and happiness over the fact that we have something VERY SPECIAL together coming up! I let the songs spin in my CD player in the car driving to the three gigs I did saturday last weekend in southern Finland, and I could use a beer to share the groove together with it but that´s a no no at the moment 😉 for me personally so I will keep that as an extra when I need it more, ha ha..

When I wrote to David Paich and asked him about the fact that I had been asked to put a warm up act together for Totos gig in Jakobstad, he was VERY clear about it and said “You ARE opening up for us!! OK??” Ha ha, no mercy and straight to the point as always with Papa Dave 🙂 When we got the chance we took it, and I am very honored and HAPPY AND PROUD that we put it together as the smashing kick it turned out to be!! I will NEVER FORGET THIS ONE!! Thanks to Jimmy, Tobias, Nisse, Rolli and Dennis!! A specially BIG ONE to you Jimmy for the amazing studio work you did to!! You are truly ONE OF A KIND!!

The gigs during this summer in Norway turned out to be REALLY PERFECT! A few days in June in Ålesund ended with a “perfect landing” in Oslo with a week at good old Scotsman. I choose to stay at Clarion (Choise) that week and that was really a great stay!!

Then THE BIG DAY and the gig as a opening act for Toto finally came! 😉 Niklas Storbacka and his teammates in Jaro gave everyone such a welcome that my friends in Toto and the production company talked about it 24-7 😉 I am proud to be a part of this, and that is the truth!!
And to be performing ahead of TOTO and 10 000 fans became “the kick of the Century”!

My next trip went back to Norway, a small week in Ålesund at the boat festival where I had the great joy of being the host at the sing along and with a GREAT BAND!! Now I could really feel this summer would be the way it turned into!! Then even a BETTER week in Haugesund at Mackkjellern and I felt heaven came my way even with GREAT WEATHER!!!

I´ve used my time off during the tour this summer to run out in the forest or mountains and it really have kicked my “back into life tour” the way I have been longing for since way back when I was still in good shape! (yes it´s been a while). To have the magical landscape of Norway as an extra treat is a candy to the eye but even to the soul! I am so happy for this and I will never forget the trips I made this summer 🙂

But when I came back to Finland already in the aircraft I felt that something was wrong.. It felt like my head was about to explode and I knew what was coming up! Medication time and it knocked me out for about 10 days!! Still not feeling GREAT, but I can smile to life again and I really have been looking forward to get started up in Vasa with the musical “Fighting Star” 🙂

Now we are into the second week of rehearsals and MY DREAMS HAVE COMED TRUE… AGAIN!! 😉 😉 Great music, singing, dancing and a GREAT CAST working to put this beauty together and to get ready for you to come and enjoy!

BUT ONE OF THE THINGS I HATE MOST OF ALL have happened again! During spring this year one in my family got “hijacked” here on the internet. Someone stole his identity and “started being him”. Now one of my friends have the same kind of trouble and I just don’t get it!! WHERE THE HELL DO YOU FIND THE JOY IN BEING SOMEONE ELSE? And MOST of all.. Why do you start fucking up someones life and pretend being them? So your own life is so pathetic that yo have to start messing with someone else? Well FUCK YOU VERY MUCH!!


But to you who HAVE a life.. I wish you the best day EVER!!

Geir 🙂