Never give up.. NEVER GIVE UUUUUP!!


Good morning or good night.. Just pick the right one that suits you “bang on target” where ever you are right now.. Crazy times are all over us, and I guess that it is up to you and me personally how we handle it and to ask for help to find a way out! But the cry for help is not something that everyone can do. It is our duty as brothers and sisters, friends and family to pay attention and to try to be there when things get to rough! Shit can happen to ANYONE of us, and it comes in different shapes and colors!

I am not the type of man who easily lay down and stay down. I know that it has to do with where I come from and who my hero was and still is.. My dear father! This is of course in good and bad. When your sick, your sick and then you should face it and try to get well as fast as possible. I remember when I was about 15, fighting my heart out back home in Ålesund trying to find my place in the team of AaFK playing soccer. I knew that if I “call in sick” someone else would get the chance and if they did good I would have to run through hell to fight my way back into the team again! I told my father and he said “son your doing the right thing”. He gave me his “favorite pill” (witch is CRAZY of course) and I went to our coach and I said I wanted to play but that I feel a bit out! 

Our coach said, ok you start on the bench and if I need you, your ready to get in. Thats PERFECT!! Well It was not totally the way I planned it, but I felt good about it anyway cause I was getting dizzy. Sometimes during second half coach turned around and yelled “Geir, get up and get ready” I jumped up, could barley stand up and tried get going. He yelled my name again and I had to  look him in the eyes, and he just whispered “sit down again”. He later told me that he somehow liked my fighting spirit, but “idiots will not be needed in this type of fight, when you’re sick your sick, lay down and stay down”. But I have to admit, I still have that problem. I haven’t called in sick EVER since I started as a professional singer 23 years ago.. And I don’t think I’ll ever do! 

For me as a father it slowly kills me from inside when I hear friends and family not believing their kids when they say they are sick. Growing up with HAE (Hereditary angioedema) I was “lucky enough” to have it in my family (on my mothers side) but even back then my mother could doubt me up until the attack got visual. But there are many of us out there with problems we can not see!! Far to many times we don’t respond in any other way then to walk away if someone behave differently then we are supposed to do. “Not normal, is not normal” 


Well,  but what about the silent ones? Them who can not say, show, or put words into how they feel? That goes for small kids, but even bigger ones.. “Problem kid” goes right into the fire and way to many of us just pray that our own kids don’t end up in the same class as this one in school. I have done it myself! And I have even been “the problem”! So I do know how it feels to be on both sides.

In our stressed up life, we run like crazy! There is always “should have done already” in the back of our minds and the road is endless. We all fight the best we can and we all try to find our little corner in life where we can be happy! Some of us wont find it.. In our struggle for personal happiness and a “safe life” we pass others on our way all of the time. How often do we stop and ask others how they feel? And when we do, how do we listen? Do we REALLY WANNA HEAR if there is a problem, or is it just a social behavior? 


Take your time, and let others do it to. Slow down and ask your beloved ones, friends and family how they feel. I asked an old Lady ones if she needed help with getting a lot of bags to her home. She got so scared she tried to run.. So yesterday here in Vasa in the local store I asked the owner of the shop if an older Lady needed help with all the stuff she carried. She said “no she just need a bit of time”. There’s a lot of ways to ask and to find out what you really want to know. Use them and get real. After all, we’re just humans believe it or not even if we don’t behave “normal”.

Lots of LOVE and RESPECT!! 


6 responses to “Never give up.. NEVER GIVE UUUUUP!!

  • chima okpe

    YOu know i will always love you for all the love and brotherhood we established since Idiol 2010 ..God is with us


    • Geir Rönning

      Hey Chima my dear brother!

      The love and respect we should show each other comes like the natural force from inside. Like I told you the first time when we met, it is natural for me to respect you up until the point when you show me you are not trustworthy!

      That day never came and I am positive that our equal respect will last, cause you are my soul brother!!

      Much LOVE my friend, and God bless you!



  • peternordlund

    I know the feeling of never wanting to call in sick… I take (a sometimes foolish) pride in that. Geir take care of yourself!! 🙂


    • Geir Rönning

      Hello Peter,

      yes it might feel a bit stupid but I think it is a good thing. I don’t have a problem with being “stupid” if that is the definition of it all.

      To respect our fans and fellow artists who fight together with us to make the best show ever every night is worth the pain I may feel to struggle through the night.

      And don’t forget Peter, that after all.. The show must go on! 😉

      Rock on brother!!



  • Renée Hankvist

    Du är min hjälte! Kram ❤


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