Come what may!

No trip to China this time for Robert Wells, Krista and Geir.

No trip to China this time for Robert Wells, Krista and Geir.

Good morning my dear friends..

I  just woke up to the sound of a beating drum. As always, I left my window open to keep the fresh air flowing no matter the weather. And now it is the rain on my window combined with the wind that makes the special wake up call this morning. I guess that this lullaby actually kept me sleeping a bit extra and I feel really good now that my crazy weekend is over.

I just made my first cup of morning coffee here in Vasa in quit a while. Cause normally I run off to the gym first thing in the morning and I try to do that without waking up, 😉 And normally that is the best wake up call EVER!! But today is a special day. A VERY special day. Cause I have A DAY OFF! Time to breath..

The bad weather hitting us here in Vasa in Finland have made a bad impact back home in Norway to. It kind of died out on its way over here, but still it is strong enough to make a disaster to any kind of traveling during the weekend even here. I have been living my life more or less on the road, so I am used to it.

Anyway, life is back on track. Even after cancelled trains, mad buss drivers and no information in any other language then finnish. It will be a NIGHTMARE TO EVERYONE who don’t speak finnish here if we get a REAL DISASTER! But don’t get me wrong, finnish people is helpful and very kind. It is just the language skills to the people who work and handle these kind of situations that is scary to me as a foreigner. And I have a lot of friends from Finland who don’t speak finnish to! It is CRAZY that they are allowed to handle things like this in 2013!! But the fact that I still can’t speak finnish after all these years might even be more scary 😉

I have the honor of being a part of “Voices of Charity”. It all got officially started yesterday in Helsinki in front of The President of Finland Mr Sauli Niinistö and The Nobel Peace Prize winner (and former president of Finland) Mr Martti Ahtisaari among many other great guests. That was the reason why I had to get down to Helsinki in time to rehears Sunday. The schedule was way out of control, but I chose to do it even when I found about the bad timing and weather. I told the people in charge of the event that I have to be back in place in Vasa in time monday cause I still do “Fighting Star” ( the musical) at Wasa Theatre. They promised me that it would NOT be a problem! But when I got the tickets for trains and flights they where way to tight and “nerve wracking” to friends and colleagues here at the theatre and I am very sorry for that! But it was to late for me to get out of it, and I still wouldn’t have done that even if i could!

We sang “Hallelujah”, the great song of Leonard Cohen. A beautiful swedish version, Jimmy Westerlund (the master mind and musical director)  on acoustic guitar, a young and very talented choir from this part of the country and me. I feel very honored and happy to be a part of helping 100 girls in desperate need of a home in Africa. It is all now in the hands of World Vision among others. The World will always be looking towards the latest disaster, and the need for help is REAL even there of course. But don’t forget the pain and the suffer that happens in the dark corners of the world where the “CHOCKING TV NEWS” won’t hit us. The need for help is the only thing we can be sure of will still be breathing there for a long period of time to come!!

After doing the event in Helsinki I went to the airport and got in time to the musical in Vasa with no problem what so ever, we where in Vasa 17:15 local time and I had to be at the theatre 18:00 so no worries 😉 But I do admit that there where no room for surprises or “happy winds” from ANYWHERE in that type of schedule so I felt really GREAT when I got into the chair for make up and was ready to go! We had a special day at the Theatre yesterday. It was the official “Theatre days” so we had friends and colleagues from all across the country as special guests in the audience. After the show we all went to my favorite place in Vasa “Strampen” where we had great food and party for everyone and I did my third show of the day together with my ROCKING FRIENDS Patte Lax drums, Kiljo on bas, Janne Hyöty guitar and Marcus Granberg on Keys.

We did some Toto songs, Whitesnake, Bruce Springsteen and some straight from the hip reggae 😉 GREAT FUN! But when I handed over the microphone to my dear friend Markus Lytts, I had NOTHING LEFT of energy at all!! All the traveling during the weekend, 24-7 rehearsals to get ready for the Charity event ( the lyrics where a unknown version to me) and finally 3 events on one day put an end to a very exiting monday even to me 😉

So waking up now at 7:30 in the morning and have the luxury of NOT GETTING OUT OF BED IS VERY SPECIAL!! The same week as I got the confirmation that I am not getting the “SAM” part in Mamma Mia, people called me asking me to come to Sweden (two different calls and events) and one in Norway. Big events and sounds like great fun! The last call that week came from my dear friend Robert Wells asking me to check if I could come to China in December 2013 to do a special gig there. He wanted me and my favorite FINNISH ROCKING MACHINE Krista Siegfrids to join him, flying out 26th of December, gig 27th and back here in Vasa 28th of December. I did the same type of trip to China together with him in the middle of the “Live Idols Tour” in Sweden and Finland 2010. We got it all down and it was GREAT FUN!!

But knowing now how nervous I got my friends and colleagues for rocking my way from Vasa to Helsinki to do a charity gig a monday morning I guess I can be happy to announce that I had to turn down the offer for yet a GREAT TRIP TO CHINA! Schedules where way out of line, even for me 🙂 So now I just stay in bed for another cup of coffee before I go to Wasa Sports Club, my favorite gym! And then “Come what May” 😉

I wish you all A FANTASTIC WEEK!!

With Love and Respect!


One response to “Come what may!

  • Monica

    Hej Geir 🙂
    Vad skönt att du har en HEEEELT LEDIG DAG framför dig…wow!!! Njuuuut av den… men det gör du säkert redan 😉 Verkligen “full snurr” runt dig just nu, glad för din skull! Men tur att du hinner andas lugnt… åtminstone 1 dag 😉

    Låter spännande att du har något på gång i Sverige, hoppas det är något man har möjlighet att komma och se…

    Ha det så mysigt på din lediga tisdag!
    Kramkram 🙂



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