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Hey there 🙂


Every once in a while, we come up with a FANTASTIC IDE! May not be me in person, but friends or even friends of my friends! About one year ago, a dear friend of mine who is one of the most talented persons I know and with friends and fans all over the world called me up and asked me to be a part of his “pilot”, the recorded version we make to sell in our idés to the TV producers and companies. I said of course YES!! But when we checked in our schedules we found out that there was no way that I could be a part of it, to much to do with my part of the musical “Fighting Star”.

Yesterday he called me up again, HE MADE IT!! So they are starting to record “THE REAL THING” (that is not the name of the show:) and it will be aired on prime time saturdays this fall and winter. He wanted me to be a part of his show, and i said YEEEEES again 😉 ha ha!! But unfortunately when we checked our timetable again, the same problem showed up! I am doing a mini tour and this is at the same time as my friend is creating his golden moment!! I JUST SCREAMED OUT OH-NOOO.. NOT AGIAN!!!


I can’t complain, i am very lucky to be asked about these things, both radio shows and TV shows are very important for us artistes to be in. To show that you are “still alive” 🙂 But i am pretty tired of having to turn down these kinds of shows. Especially when it is a close friend and I am SO SURE that he will make a GREAT TV SHOW!! I just had to wish him good luck and pray that he will keep me in mind for the next season 😉 Ha ha.. And DONT GET ME WRONG! I am VERY HAPPY AND LUCKY TO BE ON THE ROAD TO! Now I just hope to see you guys out there somewhere!

Yesterday I had the honor of being one of the judges/referees in the “Esbo Talent 2014” show at “Mattliden High School” in Helsinki back home in Finland. You never know what to expect when you attend in something like that. You just pray that there will be SOME kind of talent there 🙂 But WOW, I got REALLY IMPRESSED!! Both dansers, singers, bands, solo acts, and duos got up there on stage and some of them were MIND BLOWING!


Really cool to see my old buddy Henrik Wikström again, I dig doing both gigs and “other stuff” with him. He was the one who invited me to do this show. And I met the very talented Milos Rosas again, the songwriter and producers who won the song writing competition and got his own song performed in the musical “PlayMe” that I did  in 2009–2010. On top of that we had the lovely Henna Narva being the third judge so we where a pretty good bunch of people doing the show together.


After two hours in bed last night I jumped into a cab and got on my first flight of today heading to Copenhagen in Denmark. After a short breakfast I went on my next flight to Oslo, Norway. Now I am just waiting on my flight to todays final destination Ålesund in Norway! My dear hometown 🙂 I am not performing tonight, but I will take my time and breath the fresh air of ocean and mountains and maybe mix it with a beer or two 😉 ha ha!! Cheers and have a good one out there, no matter where you are!!!

Hugs and respect..



In the lonely corner?

In the lonely corner

In the lonely corner

Hey there,

Wow what a start we got on this week! On our trip back from Washington I upgraded us to “Plus” seating and we got very good seats! Great meal and a very good trip back home to Finland. But I have to admit that my medication is not only a good friend of mine :/

Just before leaving Finland and our trip to the HAE conference in Washington I got a letter from the Finnish KELA. That is the governments office where they give us yes or no for medication and they handle even the setting of how much you have to pay every year for the treatment you need. The letter simply claimed that from june 1st there are new rules, the yes we´ve had for this type of treatment is no longer a yes. You have to get a new confirmation on using HAE medicin.

The thing is that my regular medicine Danatrol (Danazol) 200 mg a day gets straight to my “ups and downs”. The stability I need (as we all do) in our daily life with this medication is an insecure journey every time I wake up. As most of you know, I am a pretty happy guy, but this medication is freaking me out! I loose my temper and snap very easily, just out of nothing!! But at the same time it keeps my HAE attacks away! This is the only medication we have, if KELA turn us down now using Firazyr or Berinert, the “shots” that I have been using and who is the only emergency medication we have in a severe attack!

So being pushed into insecurity now with this type of “office thinking” it gave me a three days in bed reaction! The medication is VERY EXPENSIVE so I understand that they need to look into it, but it is the only key to a normal life for us who have HAE. Even my Doctor think that this is a strange way of handling it, we need to apply every three year IF we get a yes. And this is a lifetime disease! There is no cure! I still haven’t got any response from KELA. So now I am using medication to stay calm, and try to avoid the attacks at the same time, so I walk around here like a Zombie and that is NOT the way I’m gone do this!

I am pushed into “the lonely corner” by using this medication, no one needs a volcano at home! I try to avoid any kind of situation that makes me freak out, but what kind of life is that? I admire the people we met in the US who actually have this type of problems around the world every day! They don’t have access to HAE treatment in the way we do, a lot of places there a no treatment at all, and there is no “KELA” to turn to! I really hope that there will come a better way of living for all of us!! No matter what kind of illness we might have. And most of all, a better understanding for rare diseases so no one will be forced into “the lonely corner”!

I wish you all a GREAT WEEKEND!


Lots of LOVE


I miss home :/

Hey there, 

It´s been a GREAT trip and I am VERY PROUD that my dear wife Anna where willing to take the time to come to Washington together with me to the international HAE conference 2014. We’ve had a fantastic time together with a bunch of new and old friends. It is really a very special moment to be in the same room as someone else who has the same problem in life with a rare disease as we who have HAE.

I remember the feeling when I was sitting tin the same room for the first time together with someone else who confirmed what many other have told me since then. The fantastic feeling of not being alone! I have told this before, but I will repeat it. Back in 2009 when I did the Idols I know for a fact that there was only 157 persons registered that they knew of with HAE out of more then 9 million swedish people! So it is such a GREAT honor to be a part of this journey where you get the possibility to talk and share what you have in life together with other patiens and even the best doctors in the world!!

Now we are sitting in the Star Alliance lounge at the airport in Washington waiting for our flight back home. It´s been a fantastic trip in every way, and finally we could go together Anna and I to enjoy some time together apart from all the stress in regular life back home. Trust me, IT´S BEEN GREAT!! But there is a time for everything my dear friends, and now it is time to GO BACK HOME!! 

We both miss our kids like CRAZY! So now it is time to kick back and relax a bit on our way back home before we dive in again to “wild kingdom” and our lovely crazy kids! 

I will try to get in contact with some of the people from the conference when I get back home, we just ran out of time but there is still so much to talk about and to share. But that comes later, cause I really miss home 🙂 

Hugs and respect! 


Hugs from way up in the sky :)

Hey there,

It’s time for an update in English and to check out what’s going on right now!

Writhing this is in the first flight out of two on our way to Washington DC. It is the HAE conference and it will be a trip with both a lot of fun but even a bit of work 🙂 (And even that is GREAT FUN!)

My wife Anna and I will do a bit of extra time there, and none of us have ever been in Washington before so this is exciting!

It was a lot of fun doing the “pre Eurovision show” for Finnish TV, four programs aired every Sunday the weeks before the Big Finale in Copenhagen, Denmark. Conchita Wurtz from Austria is the name of the winner, a great song and performance I think and “Rise like a phenix” is a very good winner!!

All the Nordic countries where in the big finale this year! And they all ended up in top 11.
I think that is the best we’ve had EVER! Sweden 3, Norway 8, Denmark 9 and Finland 11. Great songs all of them! And the show was really good as an TV production to!! 👍

I just finished my one hour program coming up on YLE5 TV here in Finland. The name of the program is “almost unplugged” and is a one hour music program about one artist who also can bring in an other artist as a guest! My guest is Andreas Weise, my friend from the Swedish idols 2009-2010. We ended up as lucky number 7 (me) and number 5. And we still stay in touch 🙂

He is really a one of a kind, and I am very excited about both the program and the fact that we had a fantastic band with both Andreas and me in it 🙂 Great fun coming up at the end of this year when it will be aired!

This summer I will tour in Norway with short stops in Finland! I am proud to say that I will bring my blood brothers Rolli (Roland Forsman) and Tobias (Granbacka) to join me in Oslo during the midsummer weekend at Scotsman! I do solo Tuesday – Thursday and then the guys join me for a crazy weekend with Rock & Roll 🙂

I hope to get my studio up and running soon, that is my main goal as a project this spring and summer, so when I am back home after the end of the tour in September I can create more magic then ever!!

But before that I have the pleasure of having my dear wife beside me on a long weekend in the US 🙂 And THAT my dear friends is a dream come true!

Hugs and love!