Hugs from way up in the sky :)

Hey there,

It’s time for an update in English and to check out what’s going on right now!

Writhing this is in the first flight out of two on our way to Washington DC. It is the HAE conference and it will be a trip with both a lot of fun but even a bit of work 🙂 (And even that is GREAT FUN!)

My wife Anna and I will do a bit of extra time there, and none of us have ever been in Washington before so this is exciting!

It was a lot of fun doing the “pre Eurovision show” for Finnish TV, four programs aired every Sunday the weeks before the Big Finale in Copenhagen, Denmark. Conchita Wurtz from Austria is the name of the winner, a great song and performance I think and “Rise like a phenix” is a very good winner!!

All the Nordic countries where in the big finale this year! And they all ended up in top 11.
I think that is the best we’ve had EVER! Sweden 3, Norway 8, Denmark 9 and Finland 11. Great songs all of them! And the show was really good as an TV production to!! 👍

I just finished my one hour program coming up on YLE5 TV here in Finland. The name of the program is “almost unplugged” and is a one hour music program about one artist who also can bring in an other artist as a guest! My guest is Andreas Weise, my friend from the Swedish idols 2009-2010. We ended up as lucky number 7 (me) and number 5. And we still stay in touch 🙂

He is really a one of a kind, and I am very excited about both the program and the fact that we had a fantastic band with both Andreas and me in it 🙂 Great fun coming up at the end of this year when it will be aired!

This summer I will tour in Norway with short stops in Finland! I am proud to say that I will bring my blood brothers Rolli (Roland Forsman) and Tobias (Granbacka) to join me in Oslo during the midsummer weekend at Scotsman! I do solo Tuesday – Thursday and then the guys join me for a crazy weekend with Rock & Roll 🙂

I hope to get my studio up and running soon, that is my main goal as a project this spring and summer, so when I am back home after the end of the tour in September I can create more magic then ever!!

But before that I have the pleasure of having my dear wife beside me on a long weekend in the US 🙂 And THAT my dear friends is a dream come true!

Hugs and love!



2 responses to “Hugs from way up in the sky :)

  • Charles

    Nice meeting you in Washington, Geir! And the music was a really nice surprise, a great ending to the conference. No fun in flying if your wings have never been broken.
    Charles from the Netherlands (2nd at Eurovision ;-))


    • Geir Rönning

      Hey there brother! It was great meeting you my friend 🙂 As you know, I am proud of having a “broken wing” and to be a part of this journey together!! All the best!!

      Geir (just about to border the plain) 😉


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