I miss home :/

Hey there, 

It´s been a GREAT trip and I am VERY PROUD that my dear wife Anna where willing to take the time to come to Washington together with me to the international HAE conference 2014. We’ve had a fantastic time together with a bunch of new and old friends. It is really a very special moment to be in the same room as someone else who has the same problem in life with a rare disease as we who have HAE.

I remember the feeling when I was sitting tin the same room for the first time together with someone else who confirmed what many other have told me since then. The fantastic feeling of not being alone! I have told this before, but I will repeat it. Back in 2009 when I did the Idols I know for a fact that there was only 157 persons registered that they knew of with HAE out of more then 9 million swedish people! So it is such a GREAT honor to be a part of this journey where you get the possibility to talk and share what you have in life together with other patiens and even the best doctors in the world!!

Now we are sitting in the Star Alliance lounge at the airport in Washington waiting for our flight back home. It´s been a fantastic trip in every way, and finally we could go together Anna and I to enjoy some time together apart from all the stress in regular life back home. Trust me, IT´S BEEN GREAT!! But there is a time for everything my dear friends, and now it is time to GO BACK HOME!! 

We both miss our kids like CRAZY! So now it is time to kick back and relax a bit on our way back home before we dive in again to “wild kingdom” and our lovely crazy kids! 

I will try to get in contact with some of the people from the conference when I get back home, we just ran out of time but there is still so much to talk about and to share. But that comes later, cause I really miss home 🙂 

Hugs and respect! 


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