Hey there 🙂


Every once in a while, we come up with a FANTASTIC IDE! May not be me in person, but friends or even friends of my friends! About one year ago, a dear friend of mine who is one of the most talented persons I know and with friends and fans all over the world called me up and asked me to be a part of his “pilot”, the recorded version we make to sell in our idés to the TV producers and companies. I said of course YES!! But when we checked in our schedules we found out that there was no way that I could be a part of it, to much to do with my part of the musical “Fighting Star”.

Yesterday he called me up again, HE MADE IT!! So they are starting to record “THE REAL THING” (that is not the name of the show:) and it will be aired on prime time saturdays this fall and winter. He wanted me to be a part of his show, and i said YEEEEES again 😉 ha ha!! But unfortunately when we checked our timetable again, the same problem showed up! I am doing a mini tour and this is at the same time as my friend is creating his golden moment!! I JUST SCREAMED OUT OH-NOOO.. NOT AGIAN!!!


I can’t complain, i am very lucky to be asked about these things, both radio shows and TV shows are very important for us artistes to be in. To show that you are “still alive” 🙂 But i am pretty tired of having to turn down these kinds of shows. Especially when it is a close friend and I am SO SURE that he will make a GREAT TV SHOW!! I just had to wish him good luck and pray that he will keep me in mind for the next season 😉 Ha ha.. And DONT GET ME WRONG! I am VERY HAPPY AND LUCKY TO BE ON THE ROAD TO! Now I just hope to see you guys out there somewhere!

Yesterday I had the honor of being one of the judges/referees in the “Esbo Talent 2014” show at “Mattliden High School” in Helsinki back home in Finland. You never know what to expect when you attend in something like that. You just pray that there will be SOME kind of talent there 🙂 But WOW, I got REALLY IMPRESSED!! Both dansers, singers, bands, solo acts, and duos got up there on stage and some of them were MIND BLOWING!


Really cool to see my old buddy Henrik Wikström again, I dig doing both gigs and “other stuff” with him. He was the one who invited me to do this show. And I met the very talented Milos Rosas again, the songwriter and producers who won the song writing competition and got his own song performed in the musical “PlayMe” that I did  in 2009–2010. On top of that we had the lovely Henna Narva being the third judge so we where a pretty good bunch of people doing the show together.


After two hours in bed last night I jumped into a cab and got on my first flight of today heading to Copenhagen in Denmark. After a short breakfast I went on my next flight to Oslo, Norway. Now I am just waiting on my flight to todays final destination Ålesund in Norway! My dear hometown 🙂 I am not performing tonight, but I will take my time and breath the fresh air of ocean and mountains and maybe mix it with a beer or two 😉 ha ha!! Cheers and have a good one out there, no matter where you are!!!

Hugs and respect..



2 responses to “Oh-NOOOO.. NOT AGAIN :/

  • bitte

    Oooojjjj…..hils alle i Ålesund…klems….ha en kjempefin tur..!!!


  • Monica

    Hej där i Norge 🙂
    Ja, ibland är det inte alltid rätt “tajming” på saker och ting här i livet! Men oftast dyker det upp nya saker som är minst lika bra eller kanske bättre… vem vet 😉 Ha en bra helg Geir och njuuuuut av Ålesunds-luften 🙂 Kramkram!


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