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När livet stannar upp! Ett sista gig i Finland..

Det är inte alltid så lätt, många gånger MÅSTE vi springa!! Inte en chans att andas, eller “ta en liten pust i backen” som vi säger i Norge. 

Men nu spelar det ingen roll! I år låter jag backen vara backen, jobben vara jobben och låter livet ta en sväng som jag nog borde ha tagit själv för många år sedan!! 

Efter en intensiv vår med massor av underbara jobb och projekt i Finland, Norge, Sverige och Danmark så låter jag sommaren “komma och ta mig!” Nu nästa veckas tisdag gör jag ett sista jobb i Finland innan hösten är här igen! Det blir Café Gamla Stan nu på tisdag, jag spelar 14:00-16:00-18:00! 

Efter det blir det ett bröllposgig i slutet av juni, två hela veckors semester i Juli tillsammans med barnen och ett par veckors gig i Norge innan vi låter hösten färga dagen och jag låter jobben flytta in igen! 

Önskar er alla en fantastisk sommar! TJÄRLEK hela vägen 😉 

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Underbara Fredrikstad och OMG! 

Har njutit som alltid här på OMG i Fredrikstad! Underbara mänskor och skön stämning! 

Ska just ta svängen ned på kaj promenaden och äta gott på Ocean innan kvällen tar fart! 

Hoppas vi ses, om inte så ha en fantastisk lördag oavsett!! 

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Trevlig helg VIDEO! 

En VIDEO hälsning från Fredrikstad! 



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My lovely hell and these Crazy days! 

This is the ending of my three part-story so please read “Some people have all the fun in these Crazy days part 1-2 first! 

After meeting my “stress doctor” two days ago, I was reminded to take a blood test. I went to the local HVC (doctor central) and they told me to come back in the morning. Cause they need “a drug test” to! This because they somehow fucked up the last time I was there missing out to check something on the list. Well this time I knew what I needed to do, no liquids or food in 12 hours before the test. 

So 7:10 yesterday morning I went down there again to leave my “drug test” and blood samples to get the right medication for my condition. It opens 7:30, so only one gentleman before me. I have a flight to catch so I needed the time. When they open a lot of others were called in before us, I don’t know why but that’s life. But after waiting 30 minutes the fire alarm went off, and EVERYONE HAD TO GET OUT! 

No information in Swedish or English, but everyone in the building (about 25-35 people) was meeting each other down at “Sahara” the local football field. A man from the fire brigade told everyone in Finnish something about what just happened, and I asked them to say something in English or Swedish so everyone understands? The man from the fire brigade looked at the woman in charge of the hvc and she said, yes.. you go now… Back! 

I went in again, getting my blood test done, and when you do your “drug test” you have to piss in a cup when the nurse is watching, signed a sealed “confession” wearing rubber gloves that this is really your own urine, and I won first place and the Gold Medal. 

Not for being the nicest prick in town, but for being the “trying to be as cool as possible – without getting a nervous breakdown” kind of guy. I went home, got a much needed hug from my dear sun/son William rushed off to the airport and I landed in Oslo yesterday lunchtime and now I am in Fredrikstad and OMG this week. That’s where my photo is taken! 

I’m not complaining, I live a fantastic life and have been blessed with this many many years. I’ve been more than 30 years on the road now 🙂 Somehow I just feel that some of us have all the fun in these Crazy days! And that’s all in good and bad! But I have to say I LOVE MY LOVELY HELL!! 

Lots of love, 


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Some people have all the fun in these Crazy days, part two!

I went back home to Finland Sunday morning, had 3 days off and went to Viking Grace to do gigs there Thursday-Sunday. One day off before leaving to Stavanger in Norway Tuesday morning to do troubadour gig at XO there. 

I got a email from Denmark if I could come and do a gig in Aarhus, together with Thomas Dybdahl from Norway, Daniel Lemma from Sweden and Poul Krebs from Denmark in an Scandinavian All Star tribute. I just couldn’t say no, and luckily my management and the local owner in Stavanger gave me time off to do this. 

So after Tuesday and Wednesday in Stavanger, in bed 2:30, leaving 4:20 I was in my first flight and heading to Denmark. I am SO HAPPY that I said YES! A fantastic band, great show and A LOT OF FUN in Aarhus Thursday, I went to bed 1:30, up again 3:45 and back to Stavanger, doing Friday night and Saturday day and night at XO. In bed 2:30, up again 3:55 and off with my first flight 6:00 from Stavanger to Helsinki!

Rock on! 


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