Some people have all the fun in these Crazy days, part one! 

I can be the coolest cat in town, calm and “no worries” and nobody will ever know what kind of stress I’m under. Many of you will probably now let an “ha ha yeah right” slip out or into your mind! But you still don’t know what kind of stress I’m having!

I go to a specialists to better handle and learn the stress, but even they when they get my schedule looks up and goes, wow, that’s a bit too much for anyone! I’m afraid that I’ve been living this way for many years, with my never ending tour project. 

But I just can’t stop, and THAT’S the problem! It’s not that I want to run, but I have to! “Run Forest” sounds like an echo sometimes when I’m “almost there” and even I must laugh a bit.

Let me take you a bit back to the great success night with my old and ever first real band “Haft Band” in my hometown Ålesund in Norway. 19th of may 2017, totally sold out and there were MANY people who laughed and said “it will NEVER WORK!” 

Well it did, and it’s another dear memory for life! To see so many old friends after more then 30 years, and all at one place “Terminalen” was FANTASTIC!! And my old band and friends we had A BLAST FROM THE PAST! All the best, you’ll get the rest later! 



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