Some people have all the fun in these Crazy days, part two!

I went back home to Finland Sunday morning, had 3 days off and went to Viking Grace to do gigs there Thursday-Sunday. One day off before leaving to Stavanger in Norway Tuesday morning to do troubadour gig at XO there. 

I got a email from Denmark if I could come and do a gig in Aarhus, together with Thomas Dybdahl from Norway, Daniel Lemma from Sweden and Poul Krebs from Denmark in an Scandinavian All Star tribute. I just couldn’t say no, and luckily my management and the local owner in Stavanger gave me time off to do this. 

So after Tuesday and Wednesday in Stavanger, in bed 2:30, leaving 4:20 I was in my first flight and heading to Denmark. I am SO HAPPY that I said YES! A fantastic band, great show and A LOT OF FUN in Aarhus Thursday, I went to bed 1:30, up again 3:45 and back to Stavanger, doing Friday night and Saturday day and night at XO. In bed 2:30, up again 3:55 and off with my first flight 6:00 from Stavanger to Helsinki!

Rock on! 


#Daniel Lemma #Thomas Dybdahl #Poul Krebs #Mark Chemnitz #Tilde Vinther #Geir Rönning #Århus #Denmark #Stavanger #Norway #XO #Livemusic

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